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Design of the specialised electrical system and backup is the most important building block. So many designs are flawed by the incomplete initial gathering of design criteria by engineers unfamiliar with the systems and applications. Key questions asked at the early stages avoid costly mistakes.

Installation of specialised systems are often carried out by engineers unfamiliar with the application, which can lead to potentially dangerous situations, not to mention unnecessary breaks in operation. This can show especially after the installation is a few years old. Quality of installation, should be, in our opinion, left to the professional and the importance of this cannot be underestimated, as checks by the inexperienced often leave hidden issues which can become major problems in the future.

Commissioning is normally overlooked, and this is where compatibility can be the stone that is left unturned. Never underestimate the power of the trained commissioning engineer to ensure your electrical system integrates correctly and where warranties and health and safety issues are not impaired. It is sometimes the only time the engineer is in full view of the whole picture and can avoid future problems.





Rapid response to major alarm conditions can save vital data and financial loss. Quality of service cover and the ability to tailor a service is one of our strong points and provides an insurance that is used more often than people care to think.

Maintenance packages tailored with the emphasis on real life requirements and conforming to industry standards can only be achieved with experience in the field, this experience results in cost savings to the client.

Tailored On-Site Services
Tailored on-site services to small companies, where a high level of technical expertise is required and professionalism is paramount. We pride ourselves on commitment and loyalty and believe these are vital factors for integration into the clients business.

Consultancy is the transformation of knowledge in a specific or specialised field. We offer full consultancy advise and backup documentation for AC UPS, specialised DC UPS, and where batteries are used even in dangerous high voltage, high current applications.


DC Squared Limited

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DC Squared Limited Specialist Electrical Services
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