DC Squared Limited
Specialist Electrical Services



DC Squared Limited offer a wide range of electrical services:

Tailored On-site Services

DC Squared is a professionally run limited company who strongly believe in quality as the best client-oriented business approach. We strive to be efficient through quality of service and we are dedicated to establishing long-term partnerships with both our clients and our suppliers. "Quality-driven" is key in our mission statement.

Our background enables us to provide the best level of technical expertise across the electrical installation forum, specialising in uninterruptible battery backup DC and AC systems, generators, control systems, PLC, data acquisition, and hazardous area installation and nurse call and pager systems.

We provide turnkey solutions to clients who insist that projects are handled by people who possess the experience from ground up and the confidence and expertise that all the systems will be correctly integrated both now and in the future.



DC Squared Limited

Tel: +44 (0)1276 691332
Email: info@dcsquared.co.uk

DC Squared Limited Specialist Electrical Services
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